31.01.2023Saatgut-Innovationen als Treiber einer nachhaltigen Landwirtschaft

Stefan SchwarzKWS SAAT SE & Co. KGaA

Host: Stanislav KoprivaKompetenzfeld Food Security

03.02.2023DNA Methylation Signatures in Progeroid Syndromes

Nady El HajjCollege of Health and Life Sciences, Hamad Bin Khalifa University Doha, Qatar

Host: Alicja PacholewskaInstitute for Translational Epigenetics

03.02.2023Repeat associated non-AUG proteins in neurological disease: mechanistic insights and therapeutic opportunities

Laura RanumDepartment of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, University of Florida, USA

Host: Christina StarkClinic for Neurology, University Hospital Cologne

07.02.2023Cardiac induction in human pluripotent stem cells - from basic principles to clinical application

Boris GreberCatalent Cell and Gene Therapy, Langenfeld - DE

Host: Leo KurianInstitute for Neurophysiology and CMMC-A 07

07.02.2023Genomic signals of adaptation after a population range expansion

Laurent ExcoffierUniversity of Bern Institute of Ecology and Evolution

Host: Thomas WieheInstitut für Genetik

09.02.2023Neuroinflammatory mediators in diet-induced mood deficits: Mechanistic exploration of GPR120 therapeutic targeting

Stéphanie FultonDepartment of Nutrition, Montreal Diabetes Research Center, Université de Montréal, Canada

Host: Marc TittgemeyerMax Planck Institute for Metabolism Research

09.02.2023PhD Career Perspective Event - "Science Communication"

Anna Euteneuer and Mihaela BozukovaA.E. University of Cologne & M.B. eLife Science Publications and freelance

Host: CRC 1218, CRC 1403, CRC 1451, CCRC, reloc, RTG-NCA Graduate School for Biological Sciences & IPMMUniversity of Cologne

14.02.2023Cell Death Checkpoints in the TNF Pathway

Mathieu BertrandVIB-UGENT Center for Inflammation Research, Belgium

Host: SFB 1403Institute for Genetics

27.02.2023Fundamentals of Advanced Spectral Cell Analysis using the New ID7000™ Spectral Analyzer

CMMC Novel Technologies SeriesMarkus Geilich - Sony Biotechnology

Host: D. Grosskopf-KroiherCenter for Molecular Medicine Cologne


Nils-Göran LarssonKarolinska Institute, Sweden

Host: Thomas LangerMax-Planck-Institute for Biology of Ageing